The Lexus Is 200

Come in number 210 your time is up.

Well we tried to far gone sadly but the last shot of this bonnet.


Full of Volvo

Ready to go to the Big Oval Race Track in the sky. When you hear the thunder we'll wonder if it's Her reving her engine  up there.


She served us well our longest lasting car

Looking a little sorry now she's worked hard and I have no idea how the engine lasted for two seasons, We'll be sorry to see her go. Stripped of all the serviceable parts  ready to be used next season. Off to rest now in the Oval race track in the sky. 

R.I.P Ikkle Focus


Caitlin's Volvo off to racing heaven to

This car was converted back to petrol from gas Caitlin raced this through the season but one last visit to the wall finished her off. The engine a 2.0 litre carb saved for another day few and far between now.


Maisie's Ka following closely behind

Well this car produced trophy's for Maisie  also looked after she as she took a hit and went out cold (she was fine) but now the front has gone and engine is not where it should be. So Mr Clark do your thing say some nice words and lay these down to rest. All cars are disposed of and recycled responsibly by J and W Waste. 

Cars at the end of 2017


Lily's,Jacobs and Caitins cars. Lily's car was probably the most corroded car i've seen the floor just fell out


The lesser spotted Wayne Clark at banger HQ strapping cars down ready for the journey to their final resting place. You never know your next can of beans maybe part fiesta.

Till next year. Hopefully I won't need to post here for a while now. However if you need a car removed/disposed of Wayne's Clarks Company JnW Services will be happy to help check out their other services click the link below to visit their Facebook page

2016 Season end with Jimmy


Rather big follow in


Just about finished I think

And Plonk in this one


Proper head on to finish


Poor fezza couldnt take any more this was her longest lasting car.Managed Arenaesse in jan and 8 meetings this year at Stansted it done well. RIP little fiesta