Cornel Close, Witham, CM8 2XH, United Kingdom

arena 12/11/17

heat 2 started at rear finished mid grid accidentally knocking Maisie out 

arena 12/11/17

in car footage of me finishing 5th in the 1st  heat lost 3 places as nsf tyre starts to delaminate causing me to go out wide.

drew 15/10/17 incar all comers

Here is where you will see Drew (i'm a bad loser going to beat steve at any cost)Fisher deliberately drivers dooring me whilst I was having a mechanical gremlin (which i'm sure he caused I saw him tinkering under my bonnet) then blaming me for his forthcoming blow out.incidentally he is a Scout look at that pathetic knot on the bonnet tie down !!! disgraceful

Good job i'm not bitter lol.

lily in car 15/10/17

check this out

daddy in lilys car 15/10 all comers.

in car footage

emma in jacob's car 17/10/17 all comers

Check out this great video