The Mechanics

Well theres me Steve


I generally Build maintain the cars and making sure they are safe as a banger can be for the kids 

Then there is Daniel of course


Believe it or not at the age of 7 quite happily removing a clutch and box and the only help he had was me lifting the box off. Jacking a car up and changing a wheel is no issue for daniel.

Here we have Jenson


Jenson is our apprentice at work.He came along to help and has now caught the bug. Jenson is building his own car for next season which will be featured in our building a dirt rod page step by step

Wayne Clark


Bit like the Stig not seen to camera unless his helmet is tightly on.

Wayne is in charge of aerodynamics  and also logistics 

Aleco the setter ish


Aleco is in charge of eating anything that hits the ground

Drew Fisher


Drew being comforted after losing

Drew helps maintain strip and builds the  cars he is also Lily's Uncle.